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Ineffective Marketing

Tired of your efforts not producing results? Unsure what's working right now?

Content Confusion

Overwhelmed with being a "content creator" for today's fast-paced social media?

Platform Overload

So many platforms, not enough time! Not sure which platform is best for your business?

We simplify and streamline your marketing strategies. 

Learn how to build profitable advertising campaigns for your Real Estate Business like a top producing pro and so much more with Walled Garden's Coaching Community. 

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Walled Garden knows marketing.

Use Walled Garden's state-of-the-art marketing platform as your all-in-one marketing campaign builder. Learn how to leverage every Walled Garden feature to generate high converting lead generation strategies and video brand awareness.

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Hey, it's Travis Thom.  

My mission is to help you achieve Real Estate marketing success. Travis is Co-Founder and CEO of Walled Garden. He is recognized as a Facebook Marketing Expert and is a Certified Facebook Marketing Partner. His 20-year+ background in Real Estate provides an in – depth understanding of the marketing needs of Agents. His extensive brokerage and marketing experience allows him to leverage advanced re-targeting and lead generation strategies that have helped thousands of Agents across the globe.

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What You'll Learn With Walled Garden

Our Pro Features 

Perfect Funnel 

Video Retargeting

Profitable  Groups

Content Creation

Short Form Video

Long Form Video

Best Messaging

AI Video Tools

AI Editing

Personal Branding

...and MORE!

PLUS+ These Weekly & Monthly Benefits

Weekly Content Creation Prompts

Walled Garden simplifies your content creation by providing weekly content prompts. Make only the content your audience wants! Get topics and scripts to inspire your inner content creator. 

Weekly Office Hours with Travis

Unlike other online courses where you work alone, Travis Thom will join you every week for LIVE Office Hours. Get 1:1 advice, troubleshoot campaigns, learn new strategies, discover new tools and more! 

Monthly Expert Marketing Guests

We believe learning from the best marketing experts in the industry provides invaluable insight, expands thoughts and ideas, and helps you master marketing in a whole new way. 

A Peak At What You Can Expect


Module 1 

The Perfect Funnel accomplishes the 3 primary objectives of every marketing campaign - Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, and Retargeting your SOI. Learn how to execute this multi-step campaign with precision. 

Module 2 

Video Retargeting solidifies your reputation as the expert in your market. Nurture your prospects, leads, and SOI with content that positions you as the go-to Real Estate Professional. 

Module 3 

Content that Converts is an essential element to any video campaign. Knowing what content to make, and how to distribute it, is fundamental to a campaign's success. 

Module 4 

Artificial Intelligence enhances our marketing efforts. Learn how to leverage the many AI tools now available on the market to your advantage. Explore video content research, video creation & editing, voice cloning, prompts, and more. 

Module 5 

Agent Recruitment teaches brokerages and teams how to leverage all of these training tools to grow the company or team. Increase overall company/team closings with our proven Agent Recruitment strategies. 

Members Also Get These Amazing Bonuses Included

The training modules are just the beginning! Coaching members get access to ALL Walled Garden features and Premium Support!

Pro Features Access

Normally $149 p/month, coaching members get Walled Garden Pro access included with their coaching subscription! 

Priority Support

Coaching members also get bumped to the front of the Support line for any Walled Garden questions, requests, or support needs.


  • Agents, Teams, Marketing Directors, Marketing Assistants, Lenders. 
  • Those who want an all-in-one marketing solution.
  • Those wanting to scale their marketing efforts with minimal effort.
  • Those who are serious about creating campaigns that WORK. 
  • Those who value leads and having their brand be known. 
  • Those who want to be perceived as the EXPERT in their market. 
  • Those who want a community to learn from and share experiences. 
  • Those who are ready to take their marketing to the NEXT LEVEL. 


If that sounds like you, then this coaching program is MANDATORY.


I've been building marketing campaigns for Real Estate for over 20 years. I built Walled Garden to simplify the hundreds of hours it can take an individual to create a high performing advertising campaign. 90% of the work is done for you in the background by our best-in-class software. This training teaches you how to be better than 99% of your competition.  

Travis Thom 
Founder & Strategist @ Walled Garden

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Access Includes:

  • Online Courses and Group Coaching Calls

  • Weekly Pre Written Content Ideas and Scripts 

  • Access to monthly guest expert interviews 

  • Hands on support from Facebook marketing experts

  • List of best AI tools for creating content and videos

  • Proven Facebook strategies

  • How to build campaigns step-by-step

  • Master Facebook Retargeting

  • Private Facebook group with support

  • Keep updated on the top marketing trends

  • LIVE Office Hours with Travis Thom every week

  • Walled Garden Pro Features (normally $149 per month)
  • Priority Support

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